The AR-200, an all-round Hoist, also available in a detachable version.

Standard features

  • battery monitoring software 
  • prepared for an electric spreader bar 
  • charged by hand control, using magnetic wall charger 
  • double steering trolley
  • Specifications
  • Detachable version

Technical specifications

Function Patient moving and handling
Capacity(swl) 200 kg
Dimensions 306x270x148 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power Battery charged, 24 V 2,9 Ah
Lifting Tape 35x2400 mm
Lifting velocity 35-70 mm/sec
Lifts per charge >40 @120 kg
Charging By handset on magnetic wall-charger
Charging time 8 Hours
Unique features Advanced battery protection system
Auto stand-by
No power consumption in stand-by

AR-200D (detachable)

The AR-200 is also available a a detachable version.